Summer Teaching Program

I’ve been enjoying my summer post-graduation teaching female high school students about mechanical engineering at MIT!  It’s part of the Women’s Technology Program that invites 20 top female students to MIT for a month before their senior year of high school.  As an instructor, I’ve enjoyed designing lectures that introduce them to the major disciplines of MechE (i.e. Static Forces, Structures, etc.)  I’ve also supplemented these lectures with hands-on demos, including a visit with the MIT Gymnastics Club (picture below) to reinforce concepts I taught in my Rotational Motion lecture.  I designed a worksheet where the girls recorded the time it took for gymnasts to complete various skills and then use that data to calculate angular speeds, accelerations, etc.  Now these students won’t be able to watch gymnastics at these summer Olympics without analyzing the gymnasts’ rotation skills!  I can’t wait to be a professor…

Revised Gym Image