Full-text copies of my publications are available on my ResearchGate page.


Journal papers:

1)  Ong, K., Ghoniem, A.F., “Modeling of Indirect Carbon Fuel Cell Systems with Steam and Dry Gasification,” Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 313, pg. 51-64, May 2016. doi:  10.1016/j.jpowsour.2016.02.050

  • Ong, K., Ghoniem, A.F., “MIT Hybrid Gasification/SOFC to Halve Coal-Plant Emissions,” Fuel Cells Bulletin, Vol. 2016, Issue 5, pg. 14-15.  doi:10.1016/S1464-2859(16)30127-4


2)  Ong, K., Lee, W.Y., Hanna, J., Ghoniem, A.F., “Isolating the Impact of CO Concentration in Syngas Mixtures on SOFC Performance via Internal Reforming and Direct Oxidation,” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 41, pg. 9035-9047, 2016. doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2016.03.107


3) Ong, K., Hanna, J., Ghoniem, A.F., “Validation of a Combined Hydrogen and Oxygen Spillover Electro-oxidation Mechanism on SOFC Ni-YSZ Anodes,” Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol. 164, pg. F32-F45, 2017. doi: 10.1149/2.0161702jes


PhD Thesis:

Ong, K., “Modeling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Performance with Coal Gasification,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2016.  Full text available here.


Ong, K., “Reservoir and Feeding System for Use with Breast Pumps,” filed with U.S. Patent Office on Aug 24, 2016.

Conference papers:

1) Lee, W.Y., Ong, K., Ghoniem, A.F., “Detailed CO Electrochemistry for a MEA Model Run on Syngas,” Electrochemical Society Conference, Scotland, July 2015. doi:10.1149/06801/3059ecst

2) Ong, K., Tibavinsky, I., Wepfer, W., Haynes, C., “A SOFC Radiation Model for the Mitigation of Temperature Gradients Using a Novel Geometric Design,” in 10th ASME Fuel Cells Conf., 2012 © ASME. doi: 10.1115/FuelCell2012-91072

3)  Ong, K., Tucker, D., Haynes, C., “Simulation of Methane Steam Reforming in a SOFC for the Prediction of Inlet Freezing,” in ICEPAG Colloq., Santa Mesa, CA, 2012.

Poster/prototype presentations:

1)  Ong, K., Ghoniem, A.F., “A Carbon Fuel Cell Plant,” Advanced Energy Conference, New York, NY, 2016.

2)  Ong, K., Ghoniem, A.F., “A Carbon Fuel Cell Power Plant,” MIT Frontiers Symposium, Cambridge, MA, 2016.

3)  Ong, K., Ghoniem, A.F., “Carbon Fuel Cell (CFC) Power Plant,” MIT Energy Conference, Cambridge, MA, 2016.

4)  Ong, K., Ghoniem, A.F., “Running a Fuel Cell Directly on Coal,” MIT Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition (MERE), Cambridge, MA, 2015.

5)  Ong, K., Hanna, J., Ghoniem, A.F., “A Direct Carbon Fuel Cell with Coal Gasification,” MITEI Fall Research Conference, Cambridge, MA, 2014.

6)  Ong, K., Hanna, J., Ghoniem, A.F., Shi, Y., “A Direct Carbon Fuel Cell with Gasification for Efficient Power Production,” MIT Energy Night, Cambridge, MA, 2013.